Brand Identity

Our values at H-REX is what makes us stand out.

Because creating an amazing brand is key.


Our users should not be sacrificed for money. Therefore, our games are designed in a more user-friendly fashion.


If a game isn't engaging, it is never going to be successful. We try to have fun developing it and we hope you'll have fun playing it.


Although creating something innovative is nowadays really difficult, we won't give up and will still try our best to bring something fresh.


We realize that there is still room for improvement. We want to keep going forward and work on H-REX, as well as on ourselves.


We're here for the long run. Because of that, it is important to have long-term goals in mind and not to forget the future.


Prosperity means a lot for us - satisfied customers all around the world, quality games without bugs, or being able to make all our dreams come true.


We, Hipstersaurus Rex (or H-REX for short), are a Slovak indie game studio. The main goal of our small start-up company is to provide the best way to not waste time while playing a game.

We see today´s world as a challenge to push the limits of our imagination, creativity and critical thinking.

Our hope is that you will perceive us as creators worthy of your precious space on your device. We will not disappoint you, trusty customer! Come and join us in the madness called gaming.

Welcome and enjoy!

















Shape Hunt

Old school game with a hip new look. Train your focus and never get bored again!

Shape Hunt is a new take on a classic arcade game from the 80's, only with a slight twist - you play in a rotary fashion.

There are two game modes to choose from: ENDLESS (play as much as you wish, or until you lose), and LIMITED (you have to race against time as well). We offer several difficulties, so everybody can enjoy playing and testing their reflexes.

If you get stuck, use power-ups at your disposal and if you lose, you can still redeem yourself by using a life. Use with caution, though!

  • Breakout-based arcade game
  • Suitable for all generations
  • Choose your own difficulty and pace
  • In-app purchases are PURELY optional, convert points to money
  • Lots of achievements and rewards
  • Daily free gifts
  • Challenge yourself every day and improve your best score
  • Endless fun

It is free on Google Play, so why not give it a try?

Get it on Google Play

Shape Hunt Scrennshot

Shape Hunt

Welcome screen

Shape Hunt Scrennshot

Shape Hunt

Special move

Shape Hunt Scrennshot

Shape Hunt


Shape Hunt Scrennshot

Shape Hunt

End screen

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Whatever your heart desires.

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