So, what is Shape Hunt?

Let’s discuss what exactly Shape Hunt is and what it means for us. Shape Hunt is our very first game we released. It all started as a part of my MA thesis, which is (coincidentally) focused on start-up companies and mobile games/software. First, it was just a small project I was doing when I had some time, but I started to really like creating it and I was spending more and more time doing it (and enjoying it as well). A little bit later, an idea emerged that this could be potentially turned into a company, or rather a small start-up. And here we are 🙂


Okay, here’s the real deal.

What we can say is that we know Shape Hunt may not be the best game ever or that it may have some flaws or things that could have been done differently. But keep in mind that this is our first product that we introduced. The process of creating a mobile game from scratch was something completely new. We had to study and learn a lot of things and processes that were previously totally unknown to us.
We also know that this game will probably not make us a fortune or turn us into millionaires. To be completely honest, we did not even plan for it to be hugely succesfull or to make a lot of many (in other words, no money). All it was, was a starting point for a new Slovak start-up company to express themselves and to start something fun, cool, new and interesting. However, it was a valuable experience that tought us so much about game development (from programming side, as well as planning one), that it was totally worth it.


We are here for the long run. What that means is that we plan to introduce many other games and improve as a company, as well as a brand name. We have bigger plans for the future, so you will definatelly hear about us again.

Stay tuned and have a great day 🙂

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